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Gaga Soft Frogs are a new lure from one of our Serbian partners. They are as the title suggests, a soft bodied plug.
They are hand made & very reasonably priced for what they are, but it must be remembered that hand made anything will have "slight" differences from one to another.
They sink at a moderate speed & have a very tight wiggling action, "great" for perch ! We've had good results on the Thames this summer.
They weigh in at just 4g, are a mere 34mm long, but cast very well as they are so compact. They will troll at low speeds (4MPH or less) 
They can be counted down, but will run at about 2'/60cm on their own (if retrieved immediately on landing).
They come furnished with a single size 10 VMC 9649  & a strong stainless steel split ring.
Gaga Soft Frog colours
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Gaga Soft Frog Each, 4g, 34mm
Sovereign Buzzin’ Frog: Designed in house and entirely manufactured in England, this new bait combines the disturbance attraction of a Buzz blade with the appeal of a weedless frog. While testing the prototypes in the summer of 05 we had literally dozens of fish. A good catching bait at a bargain basement price. Price...
Sovereign buzzin' frog
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Sovereign Buzzin’ Frog Each, 7”, 20g
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Felmlee Floating Weedless Frogs
These are the most realistic frog on the market today. They are a twitch bait. Twitch them 4” at a time for explosive action. As you twitch retrieve these frogs their legs straighten and then refold making them look like they are actually swimming. At rest their legs spread just like a real frog. The weight of the hook makes them self-righting so they always sit the right way up. Available in 4 sizes and 3 colours. These frogs are so realistic in their action that I have personally had one stalked by a heron which followed it for some 40 yards thinking it was in for a good breakfast and Mark Brand had a 4 1/2” frog attacked by a “real” amorous male frog which had literally to be shaken off. Highly recommended for Spring and Autumn, especially in shallow, weedy situations. 
Felmlee Weedless Floating Frog
Felmlee Floating Frogs
1.25” Felmlee Floating Frog (Not Weedless) 3Pack
2.5” Weedless Felmlee Floating Frog Each
2.5” Weedless Felmlee Floating Frog 3pack, one of each colour
3.5” Weedless Felmlee Floating Frog Each
4” Weedless Felmlee Floating Frog Each
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Felmlee frog in action
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