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Conrad Bass Poppers, 11cm
Conrad  Bass Popper colours
Bass Buster, 11 cm, 38g, Each
Conrad Bass Popper, 11 cm, 20g, Each
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Bass Busters 13cm
11cm Bass Busters
The Conrad Bass Popper has a slightly narrower profile than the Bass Buster and is about half the weight for a more delicate presentation. It has a nice deep cut face and shifts a large amount of water in front. We have had excellent results with both sea and freshwater fish on this lure.
Chug bug colours
Ron Thompson Bass Buster: This medium sized surface popper, has a single low frequency rattle that attracts fish from great distances.
It casts like a bullet and extremely long distances can be achieved by the novice as well as the experienced well equipped angler.
Excellent for those difficult to reach long range Bass here in the UK & abroad this lure is great for all sorts of reef fish in shallow water.
It also excels on surf beaches for jacks & barracuda, in Gambia this is my number "go to" lure for beach fishing, long distance can easily be achieved with modest tackle, another excellent catcher at a very reasonable price available in 2 sizes and a range of colours.
The price means it is not the end of the world if you lose one or two in your quest for that "big one" & this is a lure you can afford to give to the locals at the end of your holiday with out breaking the bank.
Chug Bugg / Hammerhead 110 mm, 14g
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Chug Bugg / Hammerhead: This lure needs on introduction, it has been around for over two decades & is a proven catcher.
This is a 110 mm, 14g surface popper with loud internal rattles, ideally suited to summer Bass fishing & we have some extra colours you wont find elsewhere. We have caught everything from mackerel to large reef Pollock on these, they are also great to have in your bag/box when traveling the world & have saved the day on several occasions for me. I have had Leer fish & Rooster fish  in Costa Rica on these, Jacks & queen fish in Oman, Groupers, barracuda & needle fish in Cuba all on a lure that is less than a fiver !! 
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Nine bones on a Bass Buster
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