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Drag net / small Seine net
Seine net
Cast Net
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Please note, the postage quoted for cast nets is 3 to 5 working days delivery. Next working day delivery can be arranged, please telephone for details.
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Cast Net, 5’
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Cast Nets: After numerous requests we have located an easy to use, value for money, cast net (as seen in numerous Discovery channel fishing programs), the perfect solution to obtaining large quantities of live bait quickly and efficiently. With half an hours practise on the back lawn anyone can become competent, if not proficient in throwing these nets accurately. This particular net  comes in a handy snap-top tub to prevent tangles and damage when not in use. It is extremely robustly constructed, reinforced all along the weighted edge, has a 6m “dog lead” lanyard and swivel attached. Please note that all nets are measured by their radius which means a 7’ net actually has a 14’ spread and similarly for the other sizes.
Please note these nets are made from dakron NOT mono which makes them professional quality, much harder wearing and far more beginner friendly. They come with full step by step instructions and a repair kit, “just in case”. They are 1 cm square mesh which means they will catch pretty much everything down to a goby. We have even had large shrimps and some very large sand eels while testing.
PLEASE NOTE: This product is completely illegal in fresh water unless the user is the riparian owner of the fishing rights and has prior written permission from the Environment Agency.
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Small Drag / Seine Net
10m wide x 4ft high (not illustrated)
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Small Drag / Seine Nets: We have sourced some smaller, easier to handle 10m Seine / Drag nets for catching bait. These are also available in much finer mesh. While we have not yet tried these on sand eels (having got them in February) we have tested them on a shoal of bleak (with the owners permission) and the results were embarrassingly good, well over 400 fish in a single pull and this was with two people in the water in waders. So many fish in fact we could not lift the net clear of the water. When it comes round to bass season these nets are going to prove themselves totally invaluable to the bass angler.
Seine Nets: For those of you who don’t like to spend all day catching livebaits we have sourced some small Seine nets.
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