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Manns classic twin spin, white, each
Manns classic twin spin

Manns Classic Twin Spin

This bait was designed by the infamous Hank Parker & is something everyone should have in their tackle box.
The "classic" twin-spin is a customized version of a proven spinner bait concept.
With two 22-carat gold plated blades mounted side by side on "Sampo" ball bearing swivels to deliver exceptional flash & vibration.
Exclusive "flat belly" head keeps the twin spin upright & out of cracks when crawled, durable powder coat baked on to improve durability.

This is the ultimate "drop bait" as the blades spin on the fall & the pivoting head rocks for added action.
The pivot head also lets the head "kick up & over" obstacles, preventing snags.
The classic twin spin excels in slow crawling retrieves, when on the drop near cover & is also a superior producer on steady retrieves.
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Sovereign Mannic Spinner Baits
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Sovereign Mannic spinner baits

Sovereign Mannic Spinner-Baits

These are an old favorite with our customers, especially the "original Frog" pattern of which we have sold hundreds.
These are made in the UK especially for us from the best components gathered from around the world.
English stainless steel frame, Worth (USA) blades, bead, clevises, & split rings & Japanese silicon skirts.
Enameled head, with faceted blue bead eyes & all weighing in at 20gms.
These have accounted for literally hundreds of good fish since we started selling them.
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Manns Classic Twin Spin
Sovereign Mannic Spinner baits
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