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1-Minus 3 1/4” 28g
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Perch on a Manns 1-Minus
The Mann's 1-Minus is a much copied highly productive infinitely versatile subsurface lure. As with all Mann’s lures the clue is in the name, 1-Minus. This means it travels at less than 1ft beneath the surface. Aerodynamically designed with most of the ball bearings situated in the rear end, this lure casts like a missile. Anglers are often caught out by the distance it casts.
I have had numerous telephone conversations with anglers that have lost one in the trees on the opposite bank. This is a great starter lure as I can honestly say I have never blanked with a 1-Minus. As you can see from the links above there is whole family of 1-Minus from the ultralite Tiny 1-Minus weighing in at 1.5g to the 7” Superstretch 1-Minus weighing in at 7/8 of an oz.
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4lb 14oz Reservoir Perch caught on a Fireshad 1-Minus.
Manns 1-Minus
Current World Lure Fishing Champion & Tackle Designer, Dietmar Isaiasch with a Jack Pike caught on the River Tillingham on a Chartreuse 1-Minus.
Dietmar Isaiasch with a Jack Pike caught on Manns 1-minus
All Mann's hard baits have a number as part of their name. This number denotes their diving depth in feet. e.g. The 1-MINUS (when cranked at normal speed) will dive but only just under the surface LESS THAN 1 FT.
The 10-PLUS is designed to dive to just over 10 ft.
The 15-PLUS to 15 ft and so on.
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