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New delivery of Yogi's arrived from Serbia...
All sizes of Italian snaps back in stock...
Bass rods
Newly available, hand made in the UK,
Sovereign Floro Spinners...
Bass fishing lure
Sovereign Super Bass Baits - Full range now in stock....
Fly Tying Materials:
Huge new range of Silicon silly legs for fly tying...
New 20mm "super" dog biscuit...
Bass Lures
Jig Wobblers Bass Lures
Shallow Jointed Bass Lure
Bass Shallow Minnow lure
Bass Subsurface Lures
Bass Surface Lures
Bass Lures...
Antax Pupe Serbian hand made fishing lure
Bass Rods...
Flambeau Kayak dry box
Flash prawns, shrimp look alikes
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